• Symvision will keep your Wordpress site secured, by monitoring and updating the Wordpress platform and the utilized plugins.
  • Mandatory*:
    - Web site analysis for web site not created by Symvision
    - A backup software has to be installed before any updates.
  • $119
    Web site analysis.
  • $159
    Backup software installation (if not already installed).
  • $399
    Annual updates for regular web sites, with no complexe functionalities.
  • $699
    Annual updates for e-commerce web sites or web sites containing specific functionalities (events calendar, member account, etc.).
  • *If Symvision has not developed the web site, the analysis of your web site is mandatory and not refundable, even if Symvision decides to not proceed with the project. A short report explaining the reasons will be sent out to you.

  • **Flat rates above do not include the purchase or renewal of required licenses. They will be confirmed after a web site/server evaluation and valid for one year, once the payment is received.

    Server settings are important to allow some functionalities. We'll keep you informed about some possible restrictions.
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