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    Tara Sirinyan
    Tara Sirinyan
    Manager, Quebec Public Affairs at TD Bank/Directrice Affaires Publiques, Banque TD
    I have known Philippe for almost 10 years and have hired him for a number of projects at Ivanhoe and at TD. He has always done great work for me. He is very personable, professional and always delivers on time. He provides good advice and is creative. I highly recommend his work.

    Stephanie-Alexandra Chartier
    Stephanie-Alexandra Chartier, CMD
    Marketing Director at Ivanhoé Cambridge
    I have worked with Philippe for 4 years now and he has consistently offered outstanding service. He is knowledgeable, skilled and has flawless work ethic.

    Huguette Marcotte
    Huguette Marcotte
    President at Huguette Marcotte Communications
    I am pleased to recommend Philippe's work to you. I know him since 2003. Philippe is creative, reliable, great to work with. Together, we have worked on small and very big projects, and he always delivered the same high quality. Do not hesitate to contact him.

    Huguette Marcotte
    Louise Pépin
    Louise Pépin
    Consultante indépendante pour Immunotec Inc
    Philippe représente le professionnalisme. Sa vaste connaissance de son domaine fait de lui une personne qui saura répondre à vos besoins. N'hésitez pas à faire affaire avec lui.

    OIerre Duschene
    Pierre Duchesne (1000+)
    Presto Golf President►Golf Teacher►Golf Blog►Golf Instruction
    Philippe s'est avéré un précieux conseiller dans la création, l'apparence et la fonctionnalité du site Web de Presto Golf Inc.

  • Symvision has proven to be a remarkable business partner every time they collaborated with us on a project. Symvision mobilizes its team's expertise and creativity into offering the best service to its customer.

    Symvision's people are very involved with their customer. They invest all the time necessary and use a well thought-out and structured analysis to insure the customer's needs, expectations and goal are met. They are very aware of the high quality necessary to the success of a project. Every time we required their services, they quickly understood our plan and immediately assessed in what way they could effectively contribute to it.

    Symvision's approach to a project is a vision of global communication. This supplier is always looking for the latest modern and state-of-the-art technologies, always using an original approach while keeping the intended message very clear. The result is always enticing.

    Symvision takes the time necessary to offer the best service possible and their all-inclusive solutions are in keeping with our company's vision.

    Thanks to their availability and competence, our projects have always been very successful. They are a team of true professionals tuned in to their customer's expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

    Tara Sirinyan
    TD Meloche Monnex

  • In spite of a very tight deadline, Symvision delivered the cd rom ordered on time. It was imperative that this cd-rom was delivered on time so that the students could have the tool on hand before the methodology course, which was scheduled for the beginning of September.

    The graphic design met our requirements and Symvision's recommandations proved to be priceless in improving the use of this cd-rom.

    I would like to thank Symvision for their contribution to the success of the project.

    Kristoff Talin
    Chercheur CNRS-Pacte
    Chercheur invité
    Département de science politique
    Université de Montréal