Founded in 2001, Symvision is specialized in the production of multimedia projects offering companies integrated digital solutions. Numerous technological advances have emerged changing the methods of learning, communication and marketing. Blogs, social media and mobility have transformed our way of conveying information, and thinking. The creativity of our multidisciplinary team is the major asset in the success of your projects.

Here are the players that develop strategies and tactics that we tailor to your image. In this ever-changing world, Symvision is constantly evolving in order to continue to offer our customers the quality of service that made our reputation.


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Philippe Davèze started his career in 1998 as graphic designer. In May 2001, he founded Symvision, a company specialized in web and multimedia projects.

He has been working on numerous CD-ROMS, web sites, smartphones and tablets apps, e-learning apps, videos and corporate presentations for the pharmaceutical, automotive and aeronautic industries, commercial centres and more.

Philippe’s fifteen years of experience allow him and his team to provide the best quality service to meet each unique client’s objectives.


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Kristof Maret first set his sights on Quebec referencing in February 2010, arriving at SEO through his own copywriting work. From day-one, Kristof was able to demonstrate the power of good copy when it comes to improving search engine rankings. In the process, he also corrected certain misconceptions surrounding search engine optimization.

In the last six years, Kristof has cemented his SEO credibility and authority in Canada and Europe by getting his own professional site ranked not only above some of the biggest SEO firms but above the top 3 master queries of more than 150 companies as well.

Kristof is more than simply a professional focused on the quality of your site’s architecture, copy and incoming links. He is also an invaluable teacher who involves you in the process of optimizing your portal so that you will be able to sustain this momentum over the long run.

Achieving better Google keyword results is just the beginning. Creating a surge in traffic that leads to more visits and more sales—now that’s the ultimate goal of SEO.

But before that, there is work to be done!

Google Partner

technical director/ mobility

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Daniel St-Pierre has more than twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur in the computer industry . As developer and web strategist, his initiative and ability for rapid learning have enabled him to stand out and to work on the accounts of Fortune 500 companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, Harley Davidson Barbie and Sun Microsystems to name a few.

His passion for technology and dedication to a job well done brings him respect and recognition from peers and clients. Today, strategist and consultant in mobile marketing, Daniel regularly works with advertising agencies as well as several recognized brands such as See Communication, Montreal Auto Prix , Nascar and Via Capitale to name a few.

Whether for a mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7, Blackberry or other platform), a mobile website, QR code campaign, a campaign SMS or other mobile content, Daniel will work with you to spread your brand.

video production

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François Joly has twenty years of experience in corporate video production. Over the years Francois has conceived and produced productions for a long list of clients including Bombardier, Abbott, Pfizer, Loblaws, Provigo and others.

His career began as an online editor for television productions, broadcast on TVA, V, and Astral Media.

His knowledge and experience will help you find the right solutions for the web, network and/or video productions as well as live events and TV ads. Every project receives individual care and a detailed approach.

Team up with experience. François is the right choice for your corporate video and production needs.

comic book artist

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Stéphan Archambault (Arche) began his career in 1988 as a comic artist for the magazine Vidéo-Presse. After three internships in Belgium, he participated in the tribute to Hergé exhibition entitled 'Tintin tape le 60,' presented in various Maisons de la culture throughout Belgium and Quebec.

In 1990, Arche became a cartoonist for the French-language Canadian Broadcast Corporation's Margarine Monroe series. At the same time, he was creating lettering, illustrations and comic strips for the magazine Croc. Arche created the Aventuroeufs characters for the Quebec egg producers, and developed promotional and educational storyboards, such as the one for the Children's Tour de l'Île and the ministère de la Famille et de l'Enfance.

Arche is currently working on a book/magazine that will include many of his beloved characters, such as «Margarine Monroe», «Les Craaacs» and « Dig Mac ».