Storytelling and virtual reality

Storytelling and virtual reality

How many times have we heard: "the story is ok but the special effects are awesome". Often. And after a while, we do not even know which movie we were talking about. No doubt it won’t be a milestone in cinema history.

A film without a good "storytelling", even if it is not doomed to commercial failure, will be doomed emotionally. Walt Disney is well known for being the master of storytelling and the great classic cartoons he has produced go through time without taking any wrinkles. Look at them today, if you loved them yesterday, you will still love them, and sometimes even more because of the conveyed messages.

Storytelling is a collection of elements.

The quest. What does the story really tell? Staying glued to the story is important. Although it consists of several sub-stories, they should all serve the main guideline.

Characters. The depth of your characters is crucial. Who are they? What is this past that shaped their personality? What's their goals? Good stories always contain strong, well-defined characters to which the viewer attaches. And it's not always for the good guy.

Interaction. What interactions, conflictual or not, the characters have between them? This is a crucial point to get richer characters, advance your story and make it interesting.

The sets. They are part of the narrative. They support action, emotion. An old dilapidated castle, isolated from the world and immersed in a thick fog is not reassuring, isn’t it?

The sound. It supports history as well. In the form of music and sound effects, it transmits a distinctive emotion at a specific moment.

Lighting. It's an actor itself. The positioning of the lights is essential to create an almost palpable atmosphere.

The dialogues. Since talking movies has replaced silent movies, dialogues have become a pillar of modern cinema. Although there are still exceptions like "The Artist", they became almost vital to stories ... but do not forget that cinema is a visual art above all.


It is a broadcaster of history, a medium that can deploy your universe in a such different form.

It immerses your audience in the heart of your stories, positioning your customers or prospects in actor mode. A 360-degree universe channels people's attention very quickly. In one minute or less, you are captured by the visual and sound and you get off the ground to enter another reality. It's a great support for transporting people to your destination, whatever it is.

Virtual reality will empower your storytelling.

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